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Mon Apr 13 09:36:59 EST 1998

I would imagine you have a characteristic appearance of the fundus which
is attributed to myelinated nerve fibers (also in this context sometimes
called medullated nerve fibers) radiating from the optic disc. This is
easily visible on routine examination using an ophthalmoscope. It is a
completely benign phenomenon and you should not worry. It has absolutely
nothing to do with MS.

If you are still uncertain I would have thought the sensible thing to do
would be to go back to the optometrist and ask for a more detailed

In article <353214A8.830B9C55 at>, Coss <coss at> writes
>I recently went to get my eye sight checked out and was informed by the
>optometrist that I had "Excessive Myelination" (how he could see this in
>my eyes I don't know- is it indeed visible through the eyes?).
>I have been scouring the net trying to find information on the subject
>but all I can find is De-myelination topics.
>Can anyone suggest a web sight that might have something about this
>condition, or better still could just explain it and the possible
>affects of this conditions could be (possibly MS, but from what I have
>been reading it is De-Myelination that is that indicator????)
>Coss at ihug*co*nz

Nick Medford

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