"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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Tony Veca wrote:

> Pepijn Schmitz wrote in message <3532958E.267B6EFD at no.spam.stormtech.com>...
> >Red at Pantheon.Global wrote:
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> >> Or because Americans are the most advanced culture on earth, so the
> >> aliens would naturally be most interested in us.
> >
> >'The most advanced culture on earth'?! Ha! Define advanced...
> >
> >Heard of any eleven year olds shooting up their classmates in Europe
> >recently? There's American culture for you!
> And how many car bombings and terrorist actions have there been in Europe in
> the last 5 years? The United States doesn't seem to suffer from to much
> terrorist action.

No? Oklahoma City? World Trade Center? Lockerbie?

Besides, terrorist actions have nothing to do with culture. No matter how
advanced the culture, there will always be people who just don't get that
violence is not the way to solve your problems. When you're talking about
culture as it applies to a whole country, you're talking about the average
inhabitants of that country, not the extremes. And judging from recent events in
the US, the average American is a lot more prone to use violence as the way to
solve their problem as people from most western European countries. And it is
made a lot easier for them to do so because of the easy access to firepower.


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