"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

M NOSPAMzogon at sympatico.ca
Mon Apr 13 20:56:58 EST 1998

What!?! Are you like building this stuff in your garage? (or maybe at the
Intel factory where you make Pentium processors...)

Skeptically yours, Mike

Red at Pantheon.Global wrote in message <6grvp1>

> I have made pentium processors.


>See, you are talking out of the top of your hat. It makes you no
>difference, as long as you are not personally abducted.
>However, I am putting Warp birds in the air. I have to worry about
>pre-existing 'traffic' laws. I have to worry about who is going to feel
>threatened and start shooting.
>I watch the patterns of actions and reactions that I have access to, and,
>using statistical analysis, create probability charts. These I use to
>guess the most successful political path to trod.
>My technology is the most likely technology on earth to draw the most
>unwelcome attention. I have to prepare for the worst case but be ready to
>take advantage of all opportunities that may appear.
>I have a life. My life is creating Star Ship Interprise, out of concrete,
>and setting up passanger and freight lines out to the outer planets and
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