To All The Drugs Companies

Dredd dyer at
Tue Apr 14 17:13:58 EST 1998

Thalidomide is now quite safe!! The birth defects of the 60s were due to
impurities in the make up of the therapeutic. There are 2 isomers (L and D)
of the drug, one is teratogenic in trace amounts and was previously almost
impossible to remove fronm the safe isomer. New chromatography and QC
techniques have overcome this. Thalidomide has been used in Braziol for about
6 years now with no problems - it  still remains one of the best traetments
for leprosy (its original purpose I believe) and of course as an anti-emetic
during pregnancy (were the problems arose).
Don't sweat it - do don't have to take it!!

ATeasd5941 wrote:

> >>>>I just caught a few seconds on Radio-4 that suggested thalidomide can
> be licensed for use with named PWMS in the UK.<<<<
> If Thalidomide is re-marketed in Britain or any other country I think the
> storm is going to be more than any drug company can take. I am
> sure their shares will plummet. It may just be helpful to know why the
> drug caused the deformities, they will have egg all over their faces.
> It is also in the interest of other drugs companies to act on this to
> stop it happening. It is good PR for them to ' be the wise men '
> in the proceedings. There are some things in life that have to be
> put on a shelf and left there and Thalidomide is one of them.
> You are still making far too many mistakes to revive an old one, do a
> decent thing for once. Put little peoples well-being before your
> pockets, they have no voice just years of tears.
> Please if you feel strong about this issue copy out my post and repost
> it somewhere else.
> Carol T

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