Education and culture (Was Re: "Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena)

Jim Hunter jim.hunter at
Tue Apr 14 17:00:48 EST 1998

Pepijn Schmitz wrote:
 > Jim Hunter wrote:
 > > Pepijn Schmitz wrote:
 > >
 > >  > What are you on about now? Are you equating culture with power?
 > > of all:
 > >  > that is the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a long time.
 > >
 > > Chuckle, snicker, and gag. Have you ever read a history book,
 > > ye of storied past.
 > Meaning what? Will a history book tell me that culture _is_ the same
 > power?

 Do I really have to lead you by the nose through the 
 entire "meaning what"? History books are replete with
 examples of human failures concerning the mistaking of 
 authoritarian power _for_ culture. The continent which
 teachs us most about that mistake is Europe history.
 It has unbeatable examples of human brutality in the
 name of "culture".

 > >  > Second, it means you're implying two things:
 > >  >
 > >  > You're saying that other cultures don't have the power to give
 > > kids
 > >  > guns and allow them to go and murder their classmates. That's
 > > true, other
 > >  > cultures certainly have that power, they just _choose_ not to
use it
 > > (thank
 > >  > God).
 > >
 > > Eeeg. I have nothing against Euro's except when they're F.O.S.
 > > Let's see. Who was is it that perfected the art of starting
 > > wars? China? No. Middle East? No. Japan? No. Africa? No.
 > Who's talking about wars? I'm not. Red's not. I'm talking about the
 > that a lot of kids in the US apparently feel the need to shoot their
 > contemporaries dead, AND have ready access to minivans full of guns.
 > certainly not true anywhere in Europe.

 Your difficulty concerns quantities and facts.
 Kids typically don't get guns from gunrunners 
 with minivans full of guns. The kid's who kill 
 people tend to be the children of psychotic 
 religious freaks, who have guns. You'll have to
 consult psychologists to be sure, but my guess
 is they apparently feel the need to kill their 
 zonked out parents, but can't.  

 Just as aside. Can anybody tell why all the 
 posts which concern psychology never get
 posted to sci.psychology, but instead get
 consistently routed to sci.physics by mistake.

 > > I think you're just a little annoyed because the U.S. perfected
 > > the art of finishing wars.
 > I'm not annoyed at all, what makes you think that? Why does anyone
here keep
 > equating military power with culture? I was talking about culture, I
 > even brought up wars!

 I know you didn't, I did!! (I one-upped you on the "!"'s).

 > > Also, thanking Gods is impolite in
 > > sci.physics. Everyone is clueless about the structure you are
 > > referring to.
 > Me too. But that doesn't mean I can't use the expression in the
 > accepted way. I say 'Jesus' or 'Christ' or even 'Jesus Christ' all
the time,
 > without meaning anything special.

 You can use whatever expressions you want. I just trying to
 tell you that's it a wasted word; because of the fact that
 it doesn't mean anything special. Probably 80% or more of 
 the chat going on sci.phyics.relativity is just that. 
 "Theories" of nothing.

 > >  > And you're saying that it doesn't reflect on a culture if its
 > > carry
 > >  > guns and shoot each other dead by the dozens each day. Surely
 > > don't mean
 > >  > that.
 > >
 > > Think Pepijn. Think. I know, or assume, that Europeans get taught
 > > math. Don't let my name fool you either. I don't own a gun. But,
 > > that's saying that I think guns are evil.
 > I'm not following... Also, keep in mind that I'm not voicing my own
 > here, I'm just following Red's line of thought to its logical

 Do you really want to do that? 

 > >  > Technologically, the US may be right up there, but culturally
 > > speaking
 > >  > they're just a few steps out of the dark ages. I'm exagerating a
 > > now to
 > >  > get my point across, but calling the American culture the 'most
 > > advanced
 > >  > culture on earth' is ludicrous.
 > >
 > > There's only one culture in the world that had a Dark Age.
 > > Don't be exporting your trash. Euro's come in two classes.
 > > The real people and the dainty. There's always mistaking
 > > dainty for culture.
 > Are you pulling my leg or are you really that arrogant (and
ignorant)? Of
 > course the US didn't have a dark age, there was nobody there during
the dark
 > age. I'm excluding the native Americans of course. If the US had been
 > densely populated as Europe was in those times, it would have been a
 > dark age, let me assure you. I was speaking metaphorically.

 The "darkness" had nothing to do with population.

 > Have you ever even been to Europe? It doesn't seem possible, judging
 > the way you talk about European culture, and the way you seem to
think that
 > Europe is one country ('only one culture' ?).

 Yes, I have been and enjoyed most of my visits.
 Except the one time that some pissant Romans 
 ripped off all my luggage and passport.

 I believe you said you were Dutch?
 Been there. Didn't get ripped off
 or killed. 

 > Pepijn

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