Alien Abductions

SW stephen.walsh1 at
Tue Apr 14 07:09:13 EST 1998

Lee Merkel wrote:
>  Occam's razor, tremendously rusty from being over-used, gets
>  worn out completely when people attempt to apply it to the many
>  many thousands of reported cases of such abductions. Then it just
>  become's Occam's Metal Shield to Protect the Cherished Beliefs
>  of the Razor Clutcher.
>   -- Lee Merkel
>    I knew Occam. Occam was a friend of mine.  He never shaved.

Hello Lee,
Occam's Razor is merely the way any problem or mystery should be
approached. With common sense logic and without a vested interest in
what the solution 'should' be.

Stephen Walsh

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