"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

Red at Pantheon.Global Red at Pantheon.Global
Tue Apr 14 21:50:15 EST 1998

Dan Wojciechowski <Dan.R.Wojciechowski at lucent.com> wrote:
>Red at Pantheon.Global wrote:
>> >1) The NASA folks don't believe abductions
>> At least that's what they say publically. I've talked to some personally.
>> >2) The people who created Pentium Processors don't believe abductions
>> Have you talked to any? I dare say not. I have. I have made pentium
>> processors.
>Hi Red:
>Seriously, do you mean to say you worked at Intel on the team that
>developed Pentium processors?  Or AMD or Cyrix?

I made some that Cyrix sold.

>> However, I am putting Warp birds in the air. I have to worry about
>> pre-existing 'traffic' laws. I have to worry about who is going to feel
>> threatened and start shooting.

>Why would anyone feel threatened?  Planes of all sizes and shapes fly
>overhead all the time.  Your press releases would probably cause large
>crowds to watch for the maiden flight.  Honestly, I can't see you having
>a problem unless you do this secretly, and then buzz a military
>or some National capital.  (However much fun that might be.)
>Dan (Woj...)

The US military often tries to shoot them down. THey succeed sometime. 
They shot one down during the Gulf War.

And the myth of the MIB is valid, in one way or another.

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