"Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena

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Pepijn Schmitz wrote in message <352E82CA.5FF73829 at no.spam.stormtech.com>...
>JrgEmm wrote:
>> Hey Frenchie,
>> Stereotyping Americans as "gullible," "under-educated," or "naive" are
>> generalizations. You don't know me. You don't know the person next-door
>> me. If I were to generalize Frenchmen, I would say you are rude, smell
>> and are always drunk. Well, maybe that applies to you. but intelligence
>> tells us that when you assume anything, you make an ass out of yourself.
>> off your pedestal, Eurotrash!!!. Maybe abductions exist, maybe they
>> An intelligent mind ponders possibilities. Yours is obviously closed, so
>> must be a small mind.
>While I agree with you that generalizations are bad and should be avoided,
it is
>a known fact that on average (which is what the original poster was talking
>about, he wasn't talking about individuals which is what you are talking
>the American population is a lot less educated than most other countries.
>the education that they did receive is generally a lot worse than that in
>other countries. This was reaffirmed recently in an international test of
>college students' knowledge of math and physics. The US finished almost
last in
>that test, and the top ten was dominated by western European and Asian
>You may not like it, but it's true and I think that the original poster has
>point when he says that it contributes to abduction stories being so
abundant in
>the US.

Actually you've provided no evidence that lower education is in any way
to abductions. Please provide a reference to back up that assertion.


The Internet's sole purpose is to get porn and
bomb making plans into the hands of children.

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