Millennium Frontier - world of unknown science

The Millennium frontier xalex2 at
Wed Apr 15 11:29:05 EST 1998


The Millennium Frontier site contains tons of unknown science
information and links about future Millennium.

Science in general, Free energy, Extraterrestrial, Physics, 
New World Order, Future Society, Millennial projects, Polls
about our future, Forum.

Some sections are waiting for new webmasters.

We are at

Go there and reveal a whole new world of unknown science!

- Alex Sirotkin @ The Millennium frontier
- Frontier Site - or
- Millennium frontier - The place where our future begins
- Email: xalex2 at, Pager: 993 at
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- Millennium forum  -$info_news_access/forum.htm
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- See you in future Millennium!

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