Education and culture (Was Re: "Abductions" DO NOT exist :They are misinterpreted sleep phenomena)

Jim Hunter jim.hunter at
Wed Apr 15 11:03:36 EST 1998

Dag Stenberg wrote:
 > In bionet.neuroscience ...
 > > > Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I just wanted to get _one_
American to
 > > > agree with me that American culture is in fact not the most
advanced on
 > > > earth, but I guess it's not to be...
 > > >
 > > The most advanced culture on earth hasn't come into
 > > existence yet. It will begin this summer with me, a
 > > blond, several six packs, and no religious freaks.
 > WHY is all this crap in bionet.neuroscience?

WHY in the hell are you asking me? Ask the religious
bozos who generate this crap. I'm telling you the way
things are gonna be. Life is too short to put 
philosophic null thought, pseudo science, zonked-
out religious cretans, politicians of all types, 
Euro pseudo culture, and ad nauseum "aether" 


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