The fatal nicks in Occam's Razor

Peter R Newman at web.pages
Wed Apr 15 04:01:18 EST 1998

Lee Merkel wrote:
> SW wrote:
> > Occam's Razor is merely the way any problem or mystery should be
> > approached. With common sense logic and without a vested interest in
> > what the solution 'should' be.
> >
> > Stephen Walsh
>  Inherent in Occam's razor is the fact that it WILL be wrong
>  with a varying ratio, depending on the nature of the subject
>  being studied.

Only if you take the extreme view.  The last word of Occam's Razor is

Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem. 

Or the last three words in the English translation: "Entities should not
be multiplied more than necessary".  It's not "take the least number of
entities", it's "take the least number of *necessary* entities."

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