Alien Abductions

Peter Nelson pnelson at
Thu Apr 16 21:10:24 EST 1998

SW <stephen.walsh1 at> wrote in article
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> Lee Merkel wrote:
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> >  Occam's razor, tremendously rusty from being over-used, gets
> >  worn out completely when people attempt to apply it to the many
> >  many thousands of reported cases of such abductions. Then it just

Who cares?    We don't need Occam's razor to deal
with 'alien abductions'.     The case against 'alien abductions'
is really a lot simpler - the proponents of 'alien abductions'
have failed to present even a single solitary piece of
evidence FOR aliens or abductions.   Zero.  Zilch.   While
strong claims require strong evidence, they don't even have
weak evidence.


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