Alien Abductions

Jim Hunter jim.hunter at
Fri Apr 17 18:13:34 EST 1998

Etherman wrote:

 > I think the evidence is overwhelming that some sort of phenomena
 > although we don't know its ultimate cause.  I agree that we don't
 > Occam's Razor because so far no one has proposed a theory that can
 > explain all the data.  Alien abduction doesn't explain it.  Sleep
 > doesn't explain it.  Hysteria doesn't explain it.  Fantasy Proneness
 > explain it.  Even Lawson's Birth Trauma Hypothesis (which does
 > more than most theories) doesn't explain it all.
 > Etherman

We are at the philosophic stage in Earth science
where we are 99% sure that some sort of phenomena
do in fact exist. Occam Razor's -cannot- be used
to claim that phenomena do -not- exist.


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