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>> >  Occam's razor, tremendously rusty from being over-used, gets
>> >  worn out completely when people attempt to apply it to the many
>> >  many thousands of reported cases of such abductions. Then it just
>Who cares?    We don't need Occam's razor to deal
>with 'alien abductions'.     The case against 'alien abductions'
>is really a lot simpler - the proponents of 'alien abductions'
>have failed to present even a single solitary piece of
>evidence FOR aliens or abductions.   Zero.  Zilch.   While
>strong claims require strong evidence, they don't even have
>weak evidence.

Typically we expect what happened in the past to happen now, and in the 
future. If a proposed event is consistant with the patterns of reality, 
then it is those argueing against such events that have to provide the 

The English did abduct Amerindians and take them back to England in their 
wooden sailing ships at first contact. So, the pattern is well 

So, it is up to you to prove that this established pattern is no longer 


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