Alien Abductions

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>Lee Merkel wrote:
>>  Occam's razor, tremendously rusty from being over-used, gets
>>  worn out completely when people attempt to apply it to the many
>>  many thousands of reported cases of such abductions. Then it just
>>  become's Occam's Metal Shield to Protect the Cherished Beliefs
>>  of the Razor Clutcher.
>>   -- Lee Merkel
>>    I knew Occam. Occam was a friend of mine.  He never shaved.
>Hello Lee,
>Occam's Razor is merely the way any problem or mystery should be
>approached. With common sense logic and without a vested interest in
>what the solution 'should' be.

Sounds to me like (agnostic) empiricism. Which, IMHO, should be the
basis for all logical explorations of anything. Unfortunately, we are
human beings...

I spent the larger half of my childhood being slapped around and ill-
handled in hospital, from what I've been told, but have no memories of
alien abduction. I do, however, totally believe in the theory that
abductions are simply those very strange periods between waking and
sleep... why? Because I learned not only to remember them, but to
control them.

It's very hard to explain the reality of this state to people who've
never been there. In short, you can feel, breathe and experience
everything in total reality. There often seems to be a sexual element to
the state, and (purely in the interest of science, of course) I've
managed to orgasm within this state, and it's like having the best
orgasm you ever will have... and it lasts for ages. Not only this, but
the bedclothes are mysteriously dry when I wake up.

There have been times when I have been totally unaware that I was lucid
dreaming, as the state is so lucid that you are breathing, feeling...
the whole thing. When I am unaware, the LD has occasionally turned nasty
- the two lucid nightmares I've had were so bloody horrible that I
remember every detail. Usually, something surreal tips me off as to the
fact that it is a lucid dream. From then on, I'm aware I'm asleep and
can control the dream in varying degrees. I've not done so for a while,
largely because the anti-depressants I'm on seem to not allow it, but
below is the method I used to get control of lucid dreaming :

I'd get up early in the morning, go downstairs and make a cup of tea.
I'd then go back to bed and turn the television on at just the right
volume, and just rest. The downside of this is that, occasionally, the
television sound became part of the lucid dreaming. Those of you in the
UK will appreciate the full horror of finding yourself face to face with
Chris Evans.... ;-)

Having said all this, I did _sort of_ have an alien abduction LD. I was
in the middle of the room, and there was a blinding white light shining
through the curtains, and strange telepathic languages were coming thru'
my mind. Suddenly I realised I was LDing, but was still shit scared...
after a few seconds I managed to wake up, although I was pretty shaken
by it.

IDK.. I read all these 'abduction' stories, especially the bits about
"being paralysed" and "strangely ending up back in my bed!", and think
'hmm... no shit!'.
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