When the FDA behaves like an organised criminal association

Patanîe Pongpâ patanie at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 19 05:17:32 EST 1998

Dear (...),

Reading the recent book of Dr Ward Dean on
gamma-hydroxybutyrate(Gamma-OH or G.H.B) I cannot but only think to
Swiss sociologist Jean Ziegler who wrote this terrible statement:

"The highest form of capitalism is organised crime".

Why? Because the way the FDA has behaved concerning a molecule
discovered more than 36 years ago,in Europe,and,all of a
sudden,demonised in the USA,through the active participation of the
very FDA,can only be labelled as criminal.
Regarding G.H.B and the way the FDA has acted to intimidate scientists
and laymen and to spread lies through government agencies it can only
be concluded that the FDA works like an association of gangsters,a new
mafia involving directly the US government.

The people at the FDA who have chosen to willingly lie and deceive the
Americans shall be prosecuted and get long-term jail terms.
They have acted against the US constitution,against the freedom of the
American people.

In the USA,nowadays,truth is NOT established through logical
scientific or philosophical argumentation,but through a circus-like
hollywoodian intoxication of gullible and naive citizens with POWERFUL
This reminds the Germany of Word War II.It does not remind a civilised

We are no more in search of truth here.
We are right in politics and in something which looks like organised

Have the powerful businessmen who are running your country become like
Al Capones?
So it seems.

I am still "K.O" by the philosophical and social consequences of Ward
Dean's book (GHB:The Natural Mood Enhancer).

Reading this book leaves me a bit "squashed","crushed" as something
like this could certainly not succeed in a country where truth depends
on rational argumentation and not "jeux du cirque".

Your system(sorry to say)in the US is rotten and corrupt because money
power MAKES truth and not truth itself.

If you have enough money and power then 2 + 2 will cease to make 4 but
will make any number the propaganda wants you to believe.
This is an extraordinary perversion of Democracy closely mimicking
Nazism and its continuous campaigns of intoxication.

This is no more Democracy,but gangsterism,organised crime: Moneycracy.

The war on Gamma-OH reveals deeper truths and so much that Gamma-OH
becomes,nearly,a side question.
It is a whole system which is corrupt,extraordinarily corrupt.
And the danger about that is that your country is exporting this evil
system of organised lies to Europe and the world!
Are we already in the books of George Orwell?
What do you think???

I am shocked,immensely shocked.

Best thoughts,

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