The fatal nicks in Occam's Razor

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> So I support the old road of theory, i.e rumor control. In ancient 
> greece the first theorists were also turists. So if some disturbing 
> rumor broke out that had possible consequences for the state affairs, 
> a selected group of trustees were picked and sent to check the veracity.
> After they came back with their conclusion it became the official truth 
> and after that to continue to spread rumors was punished with death. 

Thank goodness people are more civilized today.
As can be seen from the post from another thread
that I inserted below, today's keepers of the
"Holy Algorithms" just want to inhibit free expression by ridiculing
anyone who does not conform and calling them names.
May be some day, we'll return to the "good old days"
and just kill them.


On Tue, 14 Apr 1998 19:20:51 +0100, Adrian Cable
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Perhaps, then, it's time to do a  FAQ for known active scientific
kooks, with explanations of why their common arguments are wrong.

					Dan, ad nauseam


Tom Potter

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