Alien Abductions

Peter Nelson pnelson at
Sat Apr 18 21:02:24 EST 1998

Red at wrote in article
<6h7rbv$atd at>...
> Typically we expect what happened in the past to happen now, and in the 
> future. If a proposed event is consistant with the patterns of reality, 
> then it is those argueing against such events that have to provide the 
> proof.
> The English did abduct Amerindians and take them back to England in their

> wooden sailing ships at first contact. So, the pattern is well 
> established.

What pattern?    The pattern of English abducting people?   I've
gone to sleep in London countless times and never woke up
missing or with a sore bum.

You don't think it's a bit of a leap to say that
"abductions exist, therefore aliens exist"?     OK,
try this one:  Saltshakers exist therefore beings
from the fifth dimension are hiding in your kitchen
posing as saltshakers.


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