"Abductions" DO NOT exist :scientists should fight this crap,like Carl Sagan did

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Sun Apr 19 05:17:50 EST 1998

Le Vendredi 17 Avril 1998 16:03:15 -04 du Méridien, Jim Hunter
<jim.hunter at jhuapl.edu> vous écrivîtes:
>Everybody that I know of has lucid dreams once in while.
>The whole point of being an intelligent dreamer is to 
>wake up and say, "that was a good dream"!!
>There are several newsgroups who requested that the
>"dreamers" do -not- post their "theories" to their 
>newsgroups. The only reason you are still allowed
>in sci.physics is that it is good to know what 
>models of the universe do not model anything.

Dear Jim,

Could you elaborate on that point?
By the way I think that we,researchers,should work in order to
decrease the incredible amount of crap which is believed,nowadays,in
mass media influenced societies.Merchants have no morality problem to
produce,to sell and to make people believe in crap.
This is how this whole psychological problem of "abductees" arose.
Scientists are also guilty in that respect because they do not want to
spend some time educating the public.
Carl Sagan was an exception but,faced with these millions of people
believing in flying saucer "abductions" we need thousands of  new Carl
We need new Carl Sagan!

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