Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

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Sun Apr 19 14:23:10 EST 1998

I think his question is relevant here too. There is a theory that suggests
that advanced computer systems could infact assume consciousness with the
right programming. And programs that are allowed to improve upon and
reprogram themselves could arguably become a sentient consciousness.
Remember that ultimately everything comes from the same star stuff that we
are made of. If you want more scientific terms, we constitute the same sub
atomic particles that exist throughout all of creation.

We are just a freak of nature that allowed the material that makes up our
constituency become a pattern in the way it does to create US, but not
impossible or WE wouldn't be here. This is paralleled by the fact that IA
Consciousness would be a freak of computing, but not impossible.


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>On Sat 4/18/98 22:50 -0400 Jason Rosenberg wrote:
>> David Chalmers wrote:
>> >
>> >
>> >                     TUCSON, ARIZONA
>> >                  APRIL 27 - MAY 2, 1998
>> I must say, this looks like a great conference.  I
>> wish I had known about it sooner.  Will there be a
>> published proceedings for the various papers?  What
>> about proceedings for the past years?
>You will find the Tucson II Archive at
>> It looks to me as though the participation is quite
>> inter-disciplinary, but not much from the traditional
>> AI crowd, i.e. computer scientists, etc.  Is that
>> right?  And if so, why?
>For an answer, ask this question in the groups.
>Spontaneous self-organization is to the life sciences
>as perpetual motion machines are to physics.
>Consciousness, Physics and the Holographic Paradigm:

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