Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

Scot Mc Pherson behomet at
Sun Apr 19 16:39:08 EST 1998

I don't see how it is bull tweedle, there has yet to be a successful
sentient AI. They always loose their sense self of importance and suicide.


Hermital wrote in message <353A64D1.6CA5 at>...
>On Sun 4/19/98 15:23 -0400 Scot Mc Pherson wrote:
>> I think his question is relevant here too.
>Wherever "here" is.  I admit that I did not see the NGs listed
>in the header when I wrote my response, but where are you reading this
>and/or posting from?
>> There is a theory that suggests
>> that advanced computer systems could infact assume consciousness with the
>> right programming. And programs that are allowed to improve upon and
>> reprogram themselves could arguably become a sentient consciousness.
>> Remember that ultimately everything comes from the same star stuff that
>> are made of. If you want more scientific terms, we constitute the same
>> atomic particles that exist throughout all of creation.
>We disagree on this point, but if you want to see the work product of
>someone deeply involved in the subject of quantum consciousness, go to
>> We are just a freak of nature that allowed the material that makes up our
>> constituency become a pattern in the way it does to create US, but not
>> impossible or WE wouldn't be here. This is paralleled by the fact that IA
>> Consciousness would be a freak of computing, but not impossible.
>Bull tweedle, my good man.  Bull tweedle.  You are merely running off at
>the mouth in the above paragraph.
>Spontaneous self-organization is to the life sciences
>as perpetual motion machines are to physics.
>Consciousness, Physics and the Holographic Paradigm:

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