Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

Brian J Flanagan bflanagn at
Sat Apr 18 08:02:08 EST 1998

Dear David Chalmers:

Thanks very much for your good work on Tucson III. I shall make every 
effort to attend.

Thought the following might be of interest, which has to do with the 
'quantum consciousness' business:

All the best,

Brian Flanagan

On 16 Apr 1998, David Chalmers wrote:

>                     TUCSON, ARIZONA
>                  APRIL 27 - MAY 2, 1998
> This is the final call for registration for the third Tucson
> conference on "Toward a Science of Consciousness".  The conference
> will take place from Monday April 27 to Saturday May 2, 1998, at the
> Tucson Convention Center and Music Hall, sponsored by the University
> of Arizona.

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