Where do I start

lisard at zetnet.co.uk lisard at zetnet.co.uk
Mon Apr 20 14:22:05 EST 1998

On 1998-04-19 mentifex at scn.org(MentifexMakerofMinds) said:
   :> Also, what programming languages are needed to build AI system?

   :Why, Forth!  Or even IBM (UK Mike Cowlishaw) REXX.  What other
   :languages would you consider?  LIS(t) P(rocessing)?  Get real!

what's wrong with lisp? aside from being really rather similar to forth
in philosophy and, as far as we can determine, implementation, it also
has the ability to conveniently manipulate symbols. in fact, the design
of forth was apparently heavily influenced by that of lisp.
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