Stop torturing and mutilating animals. Perception on other ranges...

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(Copyright 1998 by LSD Weaver, parts of the text already copyrighted
1997 in "...The Mind ...")

Maybe you could stop cutting optic nerves of others and the like?!

>Some animals (cats) still demonstrate vision awareness even though the optic
>nerves have been cut.

Of course they have that, they have whiskers and sensor hairs on their
body & legs & tail and they have ears and bunches of different cells
so on.

What you think to be optics is just a very narrow range of a vast band
of frequencies. And the same as when you switch to Carlos Castaneda's
"seeing"  and the same as some who can hear high  can hear when you
send brainwaves, 
a lot of things can be perceived on very many frequencies.

So if you just get some of them, you still know the rest. 
Imagine you'd just see black and white instead of colour, then you'd
still know who it is.

In the room with the two halves up front (part of the cingulate
gyrus?) the data of hearing seeing and feeling is not running together
by chance, and is not convertible into each other by chance for many

The colours you see and the tones you hear are just
brain-amplifications of certain frequencies, but of course a lot of
the rest is still there, too, and if you switch back to the old ways
of perceiving broadband then they are running together again as a

The cat is also a night animal, so of course they are perceiving a lot
of the other frequencies as well.
If you can perceive on the other ranges, some cats, when they chase an
imagined inscet, even project an insect in front of the with energies
of their brain.
(By the way, many of the mammals perceive different parts of the
spectrum of what is than we do, and many perceive more.)

You are just using your cingulate gyrus to play with data of the sort
of big computer in the front and other data, and you do not use it the
way it was once meant, and the same goes for areas of your limbic
system, and you do not use the power of the occipital cortex to
convert the other frequencies into what Carlos Castaneda calls
"seeing", but just for the normal seeing frequencies.

That is why you do not understand that.

If you switch to the old way to perceive all the frequencies coming in
are parts of one vast range. 

That is why the amygdala is different, cause that are not frequencies/
wave fields, that is smell; feels more like tiny substantial particles
in the air analyzed.

But the rest is basically one, and if you train, you can make it one
And the waves go straight through your brain if they are powerful
You do not need the nerves of the eyes.

The same as when you teach a newie telepathy you might aim a lot
through his eyes along his eyenerves to restructure stuff in his
occipital cortex and other areas, cause that makes it easier,
 but you do not have to and can send through his skull as well,
the same you do not need the optic nerves for perceiving frequencies.

That is why the blind seers are so famous all over history, cause they
tune more to the other frequencies and use a lot of their optic banks
for that.

You know them dish-thingies with which they catch satellite stuff?
Imagine the eye-bone-socket is like that and so the
(?)frequency-wave-fields get sort of caught there and then go in.
But of course they go in through the entires skull.
There is is just easier, sort of more bundled.

And when someone sends and you switch to the other frequencies, then
often the eyes turn like hollows of blazing energy, but also of course
the entire head-energy fields are there.
The eyes-socket are just power points and the eye-nerves are like
powerful transit cables through the brain.
But of course the brain can perceive energy waves going trough it,
too, without the cables, as many run through the entire brain.
And send through the skull, of course, too; it's not just where the
neuros stick the trodes people's heads that the stuff goes, there the
energy of the fields of the brain is just still very dense.

That's not the same, but imagine you have a radio in a car with and
without the antenna, then either way it can usually still catch
stations, because the waves are there, just not as many as with the

If you see the eye and into - colour - transition and eye-nerves
similar to that example, then of course you can perceive without them.

And when you send brainwaves and make fields, then it is a bit like
the dolphins make when swim or communicate with each other.

It is like extending wires, only it are fields instead (different
"wave-fields" are for different ranges), and when something comes into
the fields that is of the sort of energies that alters something in
the fields, then because the fields come from/connect with  areas of
your brain and body you you sense that there that something is there
and if you are trained also what.  (For the details on that you better
ask Indian magicians, cause they have a reputation to be best on this
world in that sort of (bio-) physics and to have been researching that
for many thousands of years.)

Maybe you could stop crippling the eye-nerves of others 
and instead move your lazy mental a.. and go to the researches of
other cultures who did not burn the carriers of such knowledge for
over 500 years, and ask them to teach you their current level of data
on that, and then you will understand how to extend the fields of
areas of your brain and body and perceive on thousands of different
frequencies for many kilometer and ho to communicate with many mammals
and others who communicate in those other freqeuncy ranges with each
other, and then you might learn far more about them then by crippling

You are asking questions that people coming to me to learn about sense
enhancing drugs &  areas/abilites of the brain  either already know or
learn within a few hours to days.
And that is just some side area I teach, that others teach ways better
and that has been known for thousands of years since the dawn of human
Maybe instead of crippling others you could travel the world and look
at the data about the mind that has been researched for thousands of
years in so many different cultures. 

It keeps amazing me that there are questions like that one still
around. And that others are cripples for anwers that are there.
And that they are crippled in the first place.

As an LSD teacher I am of course a bit closer to the old branches
working with sense enhancing drugs, and to understand enough about
that to teach starters belongs to the profession, but I do not get how
one can ignore others to the extend you do.
Anyone seriously interested in the mind would keep an eye open for
interesting data in all the branches.

And THAT one is known by all real witches and shamans, many different
folks in India, quite some (?)Romany, many of the Aborigines, some who
communicate with some dolphins and so on; so it is a knowledge that
can be found all across the world.
I think you'd have to live with your head stuch into Western ground in
order not to know that, and somehow managed to overlook the research
data about the mind of half of the planet.

Maybe you should consider to catch up with the rest a bit, and I am
sure that some of the neuro stuff might interest a lot of them, too,
so that they might be quite willing to exchange data.

The research about the mind could be ways ahead if the data of Earth
was finally combined, and it is not as if today that was so impossible

I hope that a lot of the data will be combined in the time of my life
about energy perception and alteration, MBD, autist & LSD perceptions
of the brain, neurology data about substructures, schizophrenic's
data, data of all continents about mental healing, data about dolphins
& the mind, drug alterations of areas in the brain & energy &
perception differences, data about illnesses and the mind, differences
concerning the old perception when having MS or other brain
differences, data about the structure differences of "kept axon grids"
in babies and what differences that makes, data about the fields of
recently dead people and if there is a difference in reaction of their
fields if you send into them between untrained people and magicians
that could extend fields many kilometers, tests of telepathy with many
mammals and others and data about their ranges (and not in a way
crippling or annoying them) and to what extent it is possible to
perceive more trying to tune in with them, artificial tuning methods,
a merging of the data of the studiers of magic / physics of Earth
and that Bill Gates and the likes remove their junk from the sky and
that then the most powerful magicians and best astronomers and
physicians of Earth take a very close "look" at the "gaps" between the
galaxies and galaxy clusters to determine if there might be anything
that seems suspiciously artificial and suspiciously like someone
cross-communicating something.
But I guess that's about as likely to happen as that people realize
and care that there are parents watching their children and partner
dying because they do not have a dollar a day.
Thousands each day.

This is a world where a child's hands get chopped off and a can stuck
between the stumps so the child makes more money begging and the
family survives  and where other mammals get forced into cages, have
their eye nerves cut or entire areas of the brain and themselves
mutilated to satisfy questions of others who deem themselves more
worth than another.

And that is the course the world is to go, I suppose.

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