Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

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Mon Apr 20 16:11:12 EST 1998

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> >For a more comprehensive view of consciousness, per se,
> What is "per se"

Per se:  by, of, or in itself.

> Or let me put it that way: Are some of the motoric areas conscious or
> not?

IMHO, everything -- everything -- is to some degree conscious within the
objective, all-pervasive, quantifiable, immanent, transcendent physical
energy of the continuum of consciousness.  See further  

As for the conscious aspects of the human form, see
Within the sub-light-speed spacetime continuum of our synergistic 
material universe, higher order information produced in the 
transcendent continuum of conscious energies devolves and directs 
both the organization and the evolution of lower order aggregations 
of energy called matter.
Consciousness, Physics and the Holographic Paradigm:

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