Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

cijadra at cijadra at
Sun Apr 19 15:13:39 EST 1998

>> As far as I'm concerned, the entire nervous system is required for
>> any experiments regarding human consciousness.

Most experiments I know  I do not need the other systems, except if
you want to restructure stuff transiting to the old perceptions &
older settings.

It's sort of the ultimate game, isn't it?
I met few other players who have the balance and control to alter
stuff in the conscious sectors, and I keep hearing of many who die
each year who blundered it...
But the survivors & advanced players are some of the most fascinating
minds I encoutered in my life.

>For a more comprehensive view of consciousness, per se, 
What is "per se"
Or let me put it that way: Are some of the motoric areas conscious or 

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