"Abductions" DO NOT exist :scientists should fight this crap,like Carl Sagan did

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Patanîe Pongpâ wrote:
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 > >Everybody that I know of has lucid dreams once in while.
 > >The whole point of being an intelligent dreamer is to
 > >wake up and say, "that was a good dream"!!
But what if MANYpeople who don't know each other "dream" of the SAME thing
with the SAME details?  SOMETING is going on., and unless we are willing to
admit to the reality of mental telepathy, There must be a common source for
the imagery---Especially in the cases before the CE3 movie(1977).
  Because we may not beleive in the "Space alien abduction" theory, is NO
reason to "brush off" the reports as simply dreams (that dont fit the
observations anyway) or reject the phenomena altogether.  
   First off, we must re-affirm that no two people, having different
brains, will dream or "hallucinate" the same thing.  Therefore there is
SOMETHING causing these impressions suggestive of "alien abductions".  The
common media images of aliens and those from movies can be eliminated as
they are based upon the alleged abduction reports themselves. The best of
which happened BEFORE the images were widely publicized.
   If we eliminate actual "aliens" as the source, then we can assume
something on the order of a large scale hoax perpertrated upon the victims,
using the "alien" image either to frighten, or more likely, "mask" an
illegal or unethical activity.
   The only orginization capible of doing this would be a GOVERNMENT agency
or a large orginization working with the knowledge of the government.
    It is possible that humans ARE being at least physically examened
against thier will for who knows what.---Or even being EXPERIMENTED upon. 
     Perhaps it is THIS orginization's "Alien" model that is being
reported--This would explain the uniformity of imagery and alien
descriptions repored---
   Wild yes, but a lot more sense than either real aliens or mental


> We probably could use more Sagans. The one drawback of your
>argument is that the people who start the "abduction" theories
>don't listen to Sagans. They never have. It usually not because
> they're born dumb. They have "theories". There are a number of 
>people responding to sci.* posts who are -trying- to educate the
>public. The public has their own theories of how the universe
>works. If you've ever read sci.physics you know what I mean.
>If the public doesn't understand the energy-time-engineering 
>requirements of space travel, it's hard to give them an 
>argument that "abductions" aren't happening.
Are YOU assuming that WE know everything about science and physics that
will ever be discovered in the future?
That's what was thought and so stated by several promenent scientists in
1890, before the discovery of X-rays, neutrons, radio, relativity, quantum
theory etc.
It is a very weak and foolish arguement against the actual possibility of
of interstellar space travel.

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