Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

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Mon Apr 20 12:35:08 EST 1998

>Per se:  by, of, or in itself.
That I know, have the Latinum, though I forgot most, I meant more
that the different conscious areas are so diffrent already in a human,
and birds to me seem very different again, that I did not get the "per
se" bit from that point of vies.
For me that is like calling, rainbows, apples and a computer all the
same thing and declaring that to be different from other things.
Sort of too hazy.    ;-)

>> Or let me put it that way: Are some of the motoric areas conscious or
>> not?

>IMHO, everything -- everything -- is to some degree conscious within the
>objective, all-pervasive, quantifiable, immanent, transcendent physical
>energy of the continuum of consciousness.  See further

>As for the conscious aspects of the human form, see

To lazy to see there, know enough of brain to know that there are
areas that are definitely not conscious.

And your answer about the motoric ones showes me that your own
self-perception is even less clear than mine of that; might ask some
autist for that question if I ever happen to meet one who wants all in
the same place and can talk, or wait until he himself is off-line a
run a few tests to find out... Not that that question is so impoartant
anyway; I guess that is more interesting for the Al front.    ;-) 

>Within the sub-light-speed 
Why sublight?
There is something odd about that term, as if who made it does not
understand well about what is.

>spacetime continuum of our synergistic 
>material universe, ...

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