Alien Abductions

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>>Hello Lee,
>>Occam's Razor is merely the way any problem or mystery should be
>>approached. With common sense logic and without a vested interest in
>>what the solution 'should' be.
>I was under the impression that as a rule it just said that the
>simpilest explanation is the most likely ... 
>where does the vested interest come into it ??
>and the simpiliest explanation can be the most improbable .....
>Don't Dream it, Be it.
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And you know I support Occam's Knapsack....

Just because some Greyface Order bound dull somber Scientist said that
everything had to be explained as simple as possible so his hunch
brain could understand it all doesn't mean it's the only truth,
Science is formed too much imho on the basis that the world must make
sense and everything must fit inside of our puny explanations or else

EVerything is True, EVen False things are True-Malacyplse2

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