When the FDA behaves like an organised criminal association

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Wed Apr 22 17:24:27 EST 1998

>>>It is a whole system which is corrupt,extraordinarily corrupt.
And the danger about that is that your country is exporting this evil
system of organised lies to Europe and the world!
Are we already in the books of George Orwell?
What do you think???<<<<

It's not really systems that are corrupt but the people in them,
sometime even they aren't corrupt but just conforming to 
what their bosses want from them. So one whole system can
seem immoral because of the opinions and values of one 
dominant person. However when a system employs people
who have been educated to a standard where they should
know better, then they should be ashamed of themselves.
Unfortunatly it seems America is not the only country with
these sorts of systems, so even if I agree with you or not, keep
fighting you may be right. Better still, why not fight to reduce
the overall quantity of drugs people are consuming? It's far
better for your health and that of other peoples. 

Man was not created in need of medication and replacements,
man himself created that need, and as the people who feed
the need expand, so they must create the perception of even
 more need. 

Question: How many drug maufacturers were there 50 years
ago? How many drugs were there then, and how many people
got through life without even so much as an asprin? 
Carol T

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