Alien Abductions

An Anonymous CIA Agent density4 at
Tue Apr 21 23:05:05 EST 1998

density4 at (Blue Resonant Human) wrote:

>Don't laugh too quickly here, Bro. P:. for we've spoken to a good many
>Space Alien Abductees and though they've all been assaulted with the
>Holy Anal Probes, not a one of them recalls ever seeing the probes
>being sterilised.

>I shit you not.

>Now, it strikes me that a number of dentists have been plagued with
>lawsuits regarding their conceivable spreading of the AIDS virus via
>unsterilised dental equipment.  In the same fashion that the mighty
>gangster Al Capone was finally toppled by the efforts of our Fine
>American IRS lawyers, perhaps we'd fare better against the Grey
>Invasion of Galactic Butt Pirates from Zeta Ridiculi if only we'd set
>our lawyers after them.

Not only this, Brother Blue, but we recently received a Confidential
Briefing Paper which described the efforts of the WHO and CDC in this
regard.  It appears they concocted and infected many cattle with the
"Mad Cow Disease" in a valiant attempt to poison the Grey Aliens.  The
next time the Greys core out a cow asshole and chow down, bingo --
they've been had!

-An Anonymous CIA Agent

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