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 > >> (Copyright 1998 by LSD Weaver, parts of the text already
 > >> 1997 in "...The Mind ...")
 > >... Something appearing to be "thought" deleted.
 > Man, are you fast, I am impressed.
 > How exactly did you (not) think I got the data to write a book with
 > theories about MBD folks & autsists with less cells in areas of the
 > brain & effects of such alterations concerning some sectors?

 I'm not really -that- fast. I've simply seen your "theory"
 hundreds of times before. All you've really done was 
 rearrange some words on the basic theme. Reference for
 analagous theories: "Theories of Time".

 > Do you think I needed a lot of neuroshrinkshit for that?

 That's a really good word, I'll have to remember it.

 > It might have escaped your attention, but having thought cells
 > is fairly unimportant, as it is still no problem to get A-level and
 > make base studies at university and so on, as the stuff taught there
 > and teh ways it is taught are oftens so mind-bogglingly dumb, that it
 > seems dumb even to the brain damaged...

 Yes, yes. Well that was the plan. C.C. went out of vogue for
 intelligent Americans some time ago. We exported it over 
 there to see if you would take the bait, and you did! Sucker.

 > Unfortunately even that does not make some people reconsider the
 > education system...

 The education systems around the world most likely
 aren't a problem. Goofy professors and assistants was the 
 major problem I remember. I had to boot some of them to 
 "thought" several times a class at times. School was a 
 50-50 proposition from what I recall.

 > Actually I just took one short glance at main studies and then left
 > university, cause that really got too dumb, for that I do not go
 > through the trouble to stay connected.
 > For the results of the research about the minds of thousands of years
 > I do.

 Well, like I said above. You have to be smart to 
 get through school. You gotta size up the profs/
 curriculum on day one. Obviously, you didn't 
 have what it takes.

 > Unfortunately your deeducation has somehow not achieved to bring your
 > up to current data with (Red-)Indian and Australian research it
 > seems...

 Current data: "Red" Indians are still "Red".

 > Therefore it is no wonder that stuff that has been known several
 > thousand years ago is still not known by you or treated like THE new
 > thing.

 Was known, and was forgotten; forcefully. 

 > Next time I meet with another brainsurfer I might bet with him when
 > you folks are reaching the data those of us reached who even had far
 > more thinking cells deleted than I and who have so few connections
 > that they can subperceive in many sectors far better than I can...
 > hehe...

 Tell one of them to beam me a few thoughts through 
 the aether. I tune my receivers in the 4-10 THz region. 

 > My, if you go on torturing mammals for a while, maybe you finally
 > figure out where your own areas on the brain, now would that not be
 > nice for you to know?  (If it weren't for what you do to other
 > mammals...)  Mega-LOL

 Hypocrite! I'm a mammal and being brutally tortured as we speak!
 I have to decode you, when I could actually be thinking. 

 > And another little advantage that you overlook is that the less cells
 > you have the more you might know about subareas of the brain.
 > All of the branches to do the mind of the world that are not stupid
 > know that some of the autist brainsurfers are one of the greatest and
 > possibly unique data-sources about some areas of the mind that normal
 > people can't access, and some are also aware that many of the  games
 > some autists play in other sectors of the brain might be experiments
 > that show what might be possible for many normal brains, too, showing
 > possible new uses for sectors of the brain.
 > Even as an ex-brainsurfer you can get some of the magicians and
 > realease normally well-guarded data to you if you indicate else you
 > not tell them what you know about the brain, either.

 Well, I never said I was a brainsurfer. I read C.C. for its
 sci-fi and entertainment value. I decided it wasn't very
 good sci-fi.              
 > Others have to train in some odd cult for many years or study ages; I
 > might straight tromp into the place and take the leader or someone
 > more interesting of the magic circle or that university building and
 > get him to answer my questions.

 If your question is "Can you tell me how to think?", the
 answer might be "Let's see, it looks like a tough job;
 but, I'm up to the challenge."

 Recommendation: Leave inferior modes of thinking outside the classroom.

 > It certainly speeds a lot of things up, hehe...
 > And actually, even if you are thought deleted, once you figure out
 > trick how to use other brains, that does not matter so much.
 > > theory of relativity.

 I already know how to use other brains. You came back didn't you?

 > Einstein did unfortunately not know how to go frequency surfing.
 > And I would not bet on that he did not have a MBD.
 > >   See this same post in sci.logic in regards to frequency,
 > >   and encoding scheme for C.C. "seeing".
 > In case you mean me I did not give out the encoding scheme.

 Of course you didn't dummy. You were reading what I wrote.

 > That stuff goes through to  and is sent by so many sectors that even
 > back then I could not perceive  that I do not understand it well, and
 > also lowest I ever perceived aware and for sure was an area of
 > cell-cluster-area, but not single cells and synapses.
 > I do not KNOW what the encoding scheme is...

 No need to yell, I know you do not KNOW.

 > (....Though I might grin if I read questions about "oscillations of
 > the nervous membrane" ...  ;-)
 > But as a teacher of two sense enhancers and teaching brains directly
 > with wave-fields I am occasionally having a thought or two about
 > certain things that are hard to fail to notice when receiving and
 > sending stuff and when teaching the brains of newies and comparing.
 > But thinking of course just occurs occasionally; the by you mentioned
 > thought deletion is a nice stage, and I would not want to disturb it
 > too much      ....while frequency surfing.   ;-)

 The quality of frequency surfing is something like those
 old hand-held transitor AM radios built in the early 60s. 
 You need to get yourself a CD. 

 > The Neanderthaler troll  life has the advantages that not thinking
 > are consdierably less prejudiced by other people's opinions about
 > you perceive and the death of thinking areas has the advantages that
 > the signals from the other sectors can't pass there anymore, so that
 > you get a deeeep insight into autism and can make areas of the brain
 > function so autonomically, that they can independently run the body
 > and develop capacities, that yours will never have, and watch things
 > in the mind, that you can study all your life and yet will never
 > understand, hehe.

 There's your trouble. You can't let the body go into automatic 
 babble mode. You gotta be the master control what comes out.  


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