"Abductions" DO NOT exist :scientists should fight this crap,like Carl Sagan did

Tom Ray Tomeleven at aol.com
Thu Apr 23 14:22:25 EST 1998

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> On 21 Apr 1998 17:20:39 GMT, "Tom Ray" <Tomeleven at aol.com> wrote: 
> >Perhaps it is THIS orginization's "Alien" model that is being
> >reported--This would explain the uniformity of imagery and alien
> >descriptions repored---
> Too young to remember 'Communion'?
The "Communion model" along with the "close encounters" model were based
upon reports by alleged "abductees" BEFORE the book or the movie came out.
 Some "Pseudo skeptics", play free and loose with the timeline in order to
make the "dream" or "hallucination" theory fly---despite the fact that
----if we discount telepathy, no two people will hallucinate or dream the
same thing with the same details.
    They are so "frightened" of there being "real space aliens" out there
(Naturally hostile--the comix and movies dont lie) that they, in their
psychologically based denyal mode, seem to loose all logic and deal with
the problem by sheer denyal and slap dash "explainations" that don't fully
account for the observations.
  In their haste, they neglect that there are INDEED  prosaic explainations
that can account for the uniformity of observations and other aspects of
the phenomenom WIHTHOUT having to introduce "telepathy" or twist the
timeline to make sense.
  While I am NOT a "conspirisist" The Idea that the Government could be
behind a conspiracy to "fake" Space Aliens, for example, Is more logical
and reasonable than than beleiving that thousands of of unrelated people
could "dream up" the same thing and same details, or see pictures of them
years before they were published----as pseudo skeptics want us to beleive
in thier "dream" theories.         

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