neurosurgeons in Maryland and/or NY

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Thu Apr 23 14:43:31 EST 1998

Hi folks.

  I´m looking for a neurosurgery doctor that a friend of mine here in Mexico
told me about. It´s supposed to be working in a US marines base area down in
Maryland, but unfortunately, I can´t find it so, If anybody knows something,
please let me know. If there´s a neurosurgery related medical lab or
something like it, please post it too.

  You could answer me at the following e-mail address:

         kerbalai at

In case that you have some papers you can send me, you could do so at this

   Carlos Kerbalai Felix Lau
   Argentina esq. Lopez Rayon # 1110
   Col. Juan Cota
   Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico
   C.P. 81200
   Tel 011-052 (68) 15 35 47

Thanks in advance.


               Carlos K. Felix

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