"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

Donna dms at tenforward.com
Thu Apr 23 16:51:45 EST 1998

Well, my dear, there is one possibility regarding the DNA mix. Two
actually, aside from your own interpretation. They are either from our
distant past, and have already tampered with our DNA to the extent that we
are genetically linked to THEM. Or they are from our distant future, when
time-travel may be possible. I ask you to consider this carefully: Our
physical characteristics evolve and change to adapt to our environment.
What kind of environment would cause the human species to evolve or change
into the typical image of the grey alien? I would suggest an environment
without sunlight, producing very large eyes, grey skin, stunted growth
resembling that of a fetus, etc. In other words, aliens may not be aliens
at all, but humans. Us, in the very, very distant future (hopefully). Sheer
speculation of course, but food for thought at any rate.

cherzack <herzack at kolumbus.fi> wrote in article
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> >Greg Eckenrode wrote in message <35355B5B.742 at richnet.net>...
> >>Question: How could alien and human DNA mix and produce a viable
> >>offspring?
> >
> >I agree that it makes no sense.  That's why I can't figure out
> >why some seemingly intelligent people ascribe to the hypothesis.
> >
> >>For that matter, if the aliens have interstellar technology,
> >>why don't they just kill us all cleanly; quicker, probably cheaper.
> >>
> >>Answer: Otherwise aliens wouldn't be abducting people. Duh!
> >
> >What makes you think their goal is to kill/conquer us? Given that
> >they haven't done it so far it seems reasonable to conclude that
> >is not their goal. All this assuming, of course, that they exist in
> >the first place.
> >
> >Etherman
> >
> >The Internet's sole purpose is to get porn and
> >bomb making plans into the hands of children.
> >
> >etherman at mdc.net
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> ** I just came in, I'm alien like most creatures on this planet.
> The policy to kill everything that doesn't look and think like yourself
> strictly 'human'. The aliens have no reason to kill us, other than
> frustration - I, mean, they made us in the first place, and have seen
> experiment turn into cancer through thousands of years. It would be quite
> understandable if they couldn't resist an urge to end the disaster, but
> suggested above: if that was their plan, they could and probably would
> done so already.
> They made us? Yes, that's where the DNA mix comes in. Why shouldn't the
> aliens be able to make their DNA  mix with that of early Man, trying to
> create a race intelligent enough to boost evolution and gain x million
> years? The experiment as such succeeded only too well, as the remarkable
> mental achievements of the inhabitants of this planet shows.
> Unfortunately, the brain developed too fast, so Man's moral status,
> to control the 'brainstorm', had no chance to keep up. A slow, natural
> development would have let mind and 'heart' adjust to each other, in
> case we might still be pondering whether or not to taste that notorious
> forbidden fruit...
> The question why the aliens don't "just kill us cleanly, quicker, and
> probably cheaper" can only evolve in a mind incapable of contemplation -
> biological computer, nothing more. Not even the simplest logic is used:
> everyone's got to die, who cares if it's clean? (The aliens could go back
> where they came from, leaving the stinkin' mess behind them.) Why would
> quicker be better? If they have watched OUR killing for millenia, why
> THEY hurry? And where does cheaper fit in - cheaper than what? If the
> have access to unlimited energy, they're not paying anyway. Besides, the
> criteria clean, quick and cheap in connection with the elimination of
> people, was exactly what Hitler wanted...
> Want to argue?
> chris

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