Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

Neil Rickert rickert at
Thu Apr 23 17:00:42 EST 1998

modlin at writes:
>In <353EFFF7.857AE508 at>, Lyle Bateman <lbateman at> writes:

>>Its a matter of a lot more than just programming, I'd have to say.  Hardware
>>design is critical here.  With the type of architecture currently popular in
>>the computer industry, conciousness will never happen.

I have to agree with Lyle here.

>In the sense that you seem to mean it, your statement that hardware 
>design is critical is wrong.

And thus I disagree with Bill.

>Hardware design is important in a lot of practical ways.  A design must 
>provide devices and channels for information to come into the system and
>out of it... sensors and effectors, in biological or robotic terms.
>Hardware design also determines how fast computations can proceed, and 
>how much information can be stored and manipulated... all very important
>to the practicality of solving any particular computational problem.

>But hardware design has absolutely nothing to do with the kinds of 
>things that can be computed,

To the extent that that is true, computation is irrelevant to
cognition.  You could do all of the same computation on a Turing
machine with no devices and channels at all.  And since there are no
channels, the Turing machine would have no world to cognize.

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