"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

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>Well, my dear, there is one possibility regarding the DNA mix. Two
>actually, aside from your own interpretation. They are either from our
>distant past, and have already tampered with our DNA to the extent that we
>are genetically linked to THEM. Or they are from our distant future, when
>time-travel may be possible. I ask you to consider this carefully: Our
>physical characteristics evolve and change to adapt to our environment.
>What kind of environment would cause the human species to evolve or change
>into the typical image of the grey alien? I would suggest an environment
>without sunlight, producing very large eyes, grey skin, stunted growth
>resembling that of a fetus, etc. In other words, aliens may not be aliens
>at all, but humans. Us, in the very, very distant future (hopefully). Sheer
>speculation of course, but food for thought at any rate.

One problem with that. Evolution needs two things. One, it needs
environmental factors. And two, it needs a way for those who are less
suited to their environment to not breed or breed less, whereas those
who are better suited breed more. Out in the wild, this is easy. Big
strong guy kill many beast, live long life, screw many women. Hence,
he has more babies. Hence, his genes get spread around. Short wimpy
man kills a couple of beasts, but is usually hungry, dies early when
he trips and a mammoth steps on him, and has very few babies cause the
women all like big strong man. So his genes get weeded out and the
next generation is mostly big strong man. The problem with that is,
with our technology, wimpy man doesnt get weeded out. Wimpy man works
for some computer company, has 2.3 kids, and then stops. Meanwhile,
strong man works as a welder, has 2.3 kids, and is done. No one gets
weeded out, even though wimpy man is probably better suited to our
culture. Even stupid genes arent weeded out, as the woman who ate
spermicide jelly shows. Evolution amoung humans is mostly over.

Anyway, back to your example. If we moved indoors, we wouldnt turn
grey and look like aliens. Those who developed such characteristics
would be LESS likely to have babies, rather than more likely, and
would be weeded out. Sure, they would do better than we would in such
an environment But we wouldnt find such people attractive, and they
probably wouldnt want to have more babies than us either, so they
would just die out. 


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