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Thu Apr 23 12:38:20 EST 1998

> I'm not really -that- fast. I've simply seen your "theory"
> hundreds of times before.
That's not difficult, even some of the normals manage aware cingulate
access; and there are probably many millions who understand the basic
principles of telepathy.

> The education systems around the world most likely
> aren't a problem. 
It is.
You might have overlooked some of the statements in this "room" and on
the world people dying and the causes, but that fits.

> Well, like I said above. You have to be smart to 
> get through school.
As I said, you can get through school and university with braindamages
and not even really being interested.
(With a few schools and university branches as exceptions.)

> You gotta size up the profs/
> curriculum on day one. Obviously, you didn't 
> have what it takes.

Obviously you do not know me well.

And obviously you do not know university here in Berlin either.

And obviously you are not knowing in a lot of areas.

> > Unfortunately your deeducation has somehow not achieved to bring your
> > up to current data with (Red-)Indian and Australian research it
> > seems...

> Current data: "Red" Indians are still "Red".
I mentioned them along with the Indians.
Not sure about the hyphen, though; here in Germany we just call them
"Indianer" and the Indians "Inder".

> > Therefore it is no wonder that stuff that has been known several
> > thousand years ago is still not known by you or treated like THE new
> > thing.
> Was known, and was forgotten; forcefully. 

I am aware that they killed the people, but today it is so easy to
find people who know if you are out for it and it has become so easy
to travel in comparison to last century, that that is no longer an

And there simply are enough people who have travelled and who are
fairly aware of the levels of data of Earth.

Maybe if no one knew one could still declare old data of others new,
but if the people of the world have a lot of contacts with each other
then it becomes obvious that to be up to data one has to be up with
the main data of the different folks. And if one does not do it and
then takes data that others knew about for many centuries or have
known for many thousands of years, it becomes rediculous to declare it
THE new whatever.
That sounds like being over 1000 years backwards and being too dumb to
notice. And so dumb to declare it across the world with pride.

The height in this room was the guy who drugged the cats and did
damage to their brains and had not even understood how to find someone
in the distance with that plant.

> > Next time I meet with another brainsurfer I might bet with him when
> > you folks are reaching the data those of us reached who even had far
> > more thinking cells deleted than I and who have so few connections
> > that they can subperceive in many sectors far better than I can...
> > hehe...

> Tell one of them to beam me a few thoughts through 
> the aether. I tune my receivers in the 4-10 THz region. 

The brainsurfers examine areas of the brain. 
The frequency surfers play with odd frequencies.
And the masters of magic are able to extend fields across Earth. 

Some of the brainsurfers are also frequency surfers, but I never met
one that could do long distances. Very often if a lot of the cells are
gone capacities are down; especially those to do with processing
optical and other frequencies and with concentration.

Also learning can be tricky, because if a magic user transfers the
according data into your brain then if it is very different from a
normal brain it does not transfer like is should with a normal brain.
And when the partial death has effected the energy regulators, then
the different areas are not having the energy levels they should, and
regulating them can not be done like normals do.
So if you have someone who is changing from hyperactive to
semi-offline and is having shaking hands always, and has a lot of
neocortex cells and limbic cells less, then you can be a top class
magician and he can be a top-class brain surfer, and yet he might not
be able to reach the powers normal people would when learning
frequency surfing and field extensions.
But maybe instead there are a few areas where he reaches weird
abilities, espcially some of the ones you call autists.

A neo-shaman and I recently had a quite interesting discussion about
MBD and magic and direct transfer of braindata into MBD brains...

...4-10THz ...  I do not know in numbers and I doubt it was serious,
but in case it was, if you describe that with words, if you
look/perceive through another person, what do you perceive with 4-10?

Or do you happen to know if there is something like a Greek wave
letter being sort of the equivalent to it? I fleetingly know someone
who knows a bit about them, and if I nag him he might generate what
you say for me and link fields, then I understand, too.
Or when you have someone awake but remembering the past, someone going
to sleep, someone with jumping ranges of dreaming and someone in very
deep sleep,... stages like these tell me something, too.

> Hypocrite! 
I do not know that term, and am too lazy to search some English-German
dictionary, as my suspicion is that a lot of what you say is not worth
>I'm a mammal and being brutally tortured as we speak!
Then why do you do it.
> I have to decode you, when I could actually be thinking. 

Be glad that I try to make the decoding easier, struggling to get
thoughts into English and trying to figure out how you call stuff. I
call most things totally different.
Starting with the brain. The areas and how you stick them togeter:
Never made sense to me. I group them different and name them

And be glad we are not brain-chatting with each other, if you ever
attempted to decode me you might come to a few uncomfortable
realizations, hehe...

> Well, I never said I was a brainsurfer.
I know you are not.  Most cannot spell O.K. because the language
structurer is too damaged or/and connections-numbers cause of less
cells.  And they usually understand what I say, and we nromally
exchange brain function and access data and other stuff.
Also a lot of them do not use neuro language at all or only fragments.

> I read C.C. for its  sci-fi and entertainment value. I decided it wasn't very
> good sci-fi.          

Actually I did not regard it as sci-fi at all.
Sci-fi for me is Joan de Vinge and the like.

I sometimes had the suspicion that a lot of or about the persons was
invented, and that possibly he used the data of several people
together and added a bit, making it sound like it were far less people
and polishing up the picture a bit and so on,
and I know that sometimes he was badly mistaken.

But most for me was fragmented data of Red Indian research,
and some stuff, like the flying bit and the bit of travelling with the
water fascinated me no end.

And the psychology treatment methods in there were not my ways, but I
could see why they were failry effective in many cases, and I
certainly was glad he mentioned them.
> If your question is "Can you tell me how to think?", the
> answer might be "Let's see, it looks like a tough job;
> but, I'm up to the challenge."

> Recommendation: Leave inferior modes of thinking outside the classroom.

I believe I could tell you more about how to think than you me.

And classrooms are the places for "inferior modes".

And I do not see your preoccupation with thinking,  channelling in
data in high amounts, managing the right receiving stages and storing
and learning can be ways more difficult and ways more important at

And calling up certain data can take ways more processing power, too.

One of the highest mode I know is not thinking, but linking to another
brain and teaching it to perceive through me and then linking fields,
going through each other with perception and then trying to go through
the walls. That requires powers of several meters, and I have to run
the other brain energies parallel at the same time; if the other one
is not good holding the link for us.

That sucks.

Most school stuff was easy in comparison.

And there are folks who can do several kilometers all around, that
must be hell of a power; and if you meet one they tend to have a halo
shimmering nearly like a heat over an oven.

More than some classroom to learn Westiestuff  that would interest me,
though I do not believe I will ever have the processing power and
energy control.

I said to someone quite seriously the day magic is taught at
university I'll reregister for it, spend a lot of time learning there
and also offer teaching precourses for telepathy and parapsychology,
as long as I do not have to be too punctual.

> I already know how to use other brains. You came back didn't you?

That is just cause I am bored at the moment; do you really think if I
had a lot to do I'd bother with conversations as dumb as most here

How was that with not thinking much? There are other conversations
whre I actually have to think hell's fast and well.

You do not know how to go into other brains.

> The quality of frequency surfing is something like those
> old hand-held transitor AM radios built in the early 60s. 
> You need to get yourself a CD. 

Maybe you should first learn the ability you comment.

> There's your trouble. You can't let the body go into automatic 
> babble mode. 

I could, but with exceptions I do not have your liking for it.

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