"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

TW Pwinslo at ssb1.saff.utah.edu
Fri Apr 24 11:20:40 EST 1998

>> >         If these aliens are so smart why have they chosen this obscure and
>> > time-consuming,method for world domination? 
>> One explanation of this I have read is that they are interested in the
>> human "soul," and that their aim is, through cross-breeding, achieve
>> such a trait in their own race. [snip]
>Okay, so why didn't they just read a biology book and go from there? At
>the most, they might have to nab a specimen or two of some creature (not
>necessarily a human) to study. Besides, didn't they already get Elvis?
>Although, there is some evidence for this cross-breeding stuff. The next
>time you see James Carville on television, compare him to the current
>pop-culture alien image. Pretty close resemblance. If you added a couple
>of antennae, you'd be right on the money. That ought to give the
>paranoiacs out there something to worry about.

If aliens were looking for world dominance (that is if there were
aliens) and they have the technology to abduct us(not that they do)
then they would have taken over already.  But then maybe they are
waiting for us to mature in that fashion so as to be a good challenge
for them.

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