Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

Phil Roberts, Jr. philrob at
Fri Apr 24 17:26:42 EST 1998

Wim Van Dijck wrote:

> I once heard a quite strond argument during some introductory AI
> classes: computer hardware (neural nets not included) work in
> algoritms. Conscious minds, such as ours, use procedures (or whatever
> you want to call it) that are not algoritm based. Computers CAN only
> use algoritms (at least nowadays) so based on this principle, a
> computer will never gain consciousness, no matter how big or fast it
> is.

I would simply say that computers follow algorhythms and minds cognize
algorhythms and, to the extent an algorythm has been cognized, are 
therefore "_free_" to utilize or follow the algorhythm or not.  
I would add, much at my peril in this particular newsgroup, that the
latter function probably also entails "standing outside the system"
(Lucas) or 'being able to "see" what is going on' (Roberts).


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