Toward a Science of Consciousness 1998

cijadra at cijadra at
Thu Apr 23 15:56:42 EST 1998

>Perhaps the biggest problem with trying to design a concious computer right
>now is that no one knows 1) what conciousness is, exactly; 2) how widespread
>or isolated it is, or; 3) what physical (or non-physical for that matter)
>process makes humans concious.  Until these questions are answered fully, the
>notion of designing a concious computer seems like little more than a
>trial-and-error crap shoot.

Maybe no one of YOUR branch.

In mine they do not have the answers to all three questions to the
last detail, either, though.

And in my branch it is not custom to share data the way you do.
We share in other ways.
And we call a lot different or not at all and show directly from brain
to brain, and the data there could not be expressed in words I know
of. But some of it has to do with the answers to your questions.
But it is very complicated to learn to perceive that way; it can take
many days to many months. 

>Just my 2c worth.
Similar. Only 2 Pfennige.  :-)

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