"Abductions" DO exist - "THE THREAT" The Secret Agenda - DR. JACOBS / A REVIEW

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Just a couple of flaws here. First, the Neaderthals were actually physically
smaller than Cro Magnon man. Secondly, their brains were larger than modern
man's, so I don't think lack of intelligence was their downfall. And last,
but not least, evolution has a lot less to do with "weeding out" than it has
with adapting to environmental stimuli. When a species begins changing its
environment to suit itself rather than changing to suit the environment,
evolution generally ceases, as there is no further need for adaptation.
That's why termites haven't changed in hundreds of millions of years, and
it's also why the human species will not evolve further.
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>Actually, in the past, big strong man has been weeded out. Remember
>the neanderthals? Their strength was not enough to stand up to the cro
>magnons brains. So they eventually died out, whereas the cro magnon
>survived and became homosapien. The thing is, now, there is nothing
>that will weed out either big strong or short wimpy man. so evolution
>is pretty much dead in the water.
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