"Abductions" - "THE THREAT"

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>>>he has more babies. Hence, his genes get spread around. Short wimpy
>>>man kills a couple of beasts, but is usually hungry, dies early when
>>>he trips and a mammoth steps on him, and has very few babies cause
>>>women all like big strong man. So his genes get weeded out and the
>>>next generation is mostly big strong man. The problem with that is,
>>>with our technology, wimpy man doesnt get weeded out. Wimpy man
>>>for some computer company, has 2.3 kids, and then stops. Meanwhile,
>>>strong man works as a welder, has 2.3 kids, and is done. No one gets
>>>weeded out, even though wimpy man is probably better suited to our
>>>culture. [...]
>>Well, the saving grace of all this may just be that "I like to think
a lot" man
>>doesn't get weeded out to the same extent that he probably would have
>>in a solely "big strong man" society.
>>Although I haven't thought all of this through well enough yet to say
>>above with any large amount of confidence.
>Actually, in the past, big strong man has been weeded out. Remember
>the neanderthals? Their strength was not enough to stand up to the cro
>magnons brains. So they eventually died out, whereas the cro magnon
>survived and became homosapien. The thing is, now, there is nothing
>that will weed out either big strong or short wimpy man. so evolution
>is pretty much dead in the water.
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