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I don't know who you are responding to, but this Donna has never posted
anything regarding alien abductions.  I do believe that these are also cases
of  false memories, however.

Donna Anderson

In article <6htibb$g2d$1 at news.kolumbus.fi>,
  "cherzack" <herzack at kolumbus.fi> wrote:
> Well, Donna,
> so you're here, too - I wonder if we should keep meeting this way...
> At the pace technique is developing, it's not wise to rule out visitors from
> our future, but I still regard the past as being the most likely origin of
> both the aliens and us. And what you are presenting as an additional
> possibility is in fact exactly what I was saying - you only push it further
> back, which doesn't change anything - if it happened 10 000 or 10 billion
> years ago is of no fundamental importance.
> So let's consider the future, after all...
> The pictures, fake or not, I have seen, show thin, greyish creatures with 3
> or 4 long fingers, very small or no mouths and noses, proportionally big,
> bald heads, and enormous eyes with no white or iris, i.e. looking like great
> pupils, nothing more. And as you suggest, that 'model' would be the result
> of what we are changing our environment into: air so polluted as to
> permanently reduce the sunlight, a life where at first you don't have to
> move around anymore (everything needing muscle is done by machines), and
> where, eventually, the ozon layer is destroyed so you simply CAN'T go
> outside if you want to live. Controlling all you need from a computer
> terminal, the eyes and a couple of fingers is all you will still be using
> (most people only use 2 or 3 fingers on each hand for that). The muscles and
> organs you don't need will degenerate, and living all your life in
> artificial light and an even, airconditioned climate, will make your skin
> color fade - also, the skin's blood vessels, now needed to stabilize your
> body temperature, will not be needed for that purpose, and thus shrink and
> disappear. So in the future, we will most likely get to look just like "the
> greys".
> Agreeing on that, still another possible scenario practically forces itself
> upon us: comparing the time elapsed since life became at all possible on
> this planet, and the time since Man 'climbed down from the trees', the rise
> and fall of mankind may have occured several times in the past, so "the
> greys" may well be the last survivors of a humanoid species that 'came,
> goofed, and crashed' long before our time. In other words, the 'visitors'
> might in fact be inhabitants of the Earth, just like us, but unable to
> survive in a nature that has restored itself, demanding of those who want to
> live in it physical abilities long lost by the greys. Who, consequently,
> would have had to dwell in man-made surroundings, protected from the real
> world, and later also hidden from the new, apelike Man. If you're not fit
> for a life on the planet, why be on it at all? You might as well stay in
> your spacecrafts, supporting your feeble life artificially. Those who
> survived may have decided, that their fate should not be allowed to repeat
> itself, and so they may have stayed in the background, manipulating and
> monitoring to give the human life-form another chance - a chance to choose
> the right way where they went wrong. By interferring if needed, but as
> little as possible, as life adapted to the existing surroundings is the only
> lasting alternative.
> What do you say - plausible enough?
> - chris
> herzack at kolumbus.fi

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