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Fri Apr 24 20:57:29 EST 1998

>directly from within the AI just how the mental architecture is being
>assembled from the following main Divisions of Mind:
>( stub ) SLEEP ( calls subroutine DREAM) 
>( stub ) EMOTION ( calls subroutine INSTINCT )
>         THINK ( calls EXAMINE; will call LANGUAGE )
>( stub ) VOLITION ( calls MOTORIUM, thence LOCOMOTION )
>         SENSORIUM ( calls AUDITION ).

Main devisions?

Ah, so another center sleeps, but not you, and you yourself have zero
emotion and cannot perceive, and the motorics are just that an nothing
How simple the mind has turned...

And sleep and dream are together, and emotions are subsegregated into
instincts; while hormones and endorphines are not worth mentioning,
and thinking and language are together; I am sure the ones with
injuries in Broca's will be delighted to hear that all language is is
a subroutine of thinking...

I make you a new devision:
People who starved today, cause you did not give each a dollar, so
that it are $5:

A young child,  an older child, a husband, a mother and a baby.
If you had they'd be there.

If you would every second day, then they could live, but you do not,
so they do not.
And you think more about how to make robots and artificial
consciousnesses while the real ones die, and that makes me think that
you are not far enough to make them.

Such games are for a time when no one dies of hunger and no children
go into prostitution or are crippled to make more money begging so
that the family does not stave.
Some of the stuff I read here reminds me of the idle games of rich
decadent people who do not give a damn how many conscious minds die
around them on the world  and instead want to make artificial minds;
wasting money and time while others are dying because they do not have
that money or are without parents and need someone with that time.
How about you buy a tamagotchi and feed it, maybe you can get it a bit
more conscious, too.

I do not think that this planet is far enough to build conscious minds
in a looong time as far as moral goes.

And if the time is there, then the people who have the data might give
it to the people they consider right and tell them wich areas of the
mind do what; which ones can be used for tht project and which ones
and more likely the result will be to make certain cells of very
certain sectors, alter them, and connect them with silicon chips, as
some are altready trying now.
And that is not just making cells, but also taking responisbility for
their wellfare. As when the project proceeds you expect the ones to
come to existence to tolerate ours.
A conscious mind is not a thing.
And to make them this is not the time.

When all do well the peoples of the world can think about it, and then
make it, and such a thing should be discussed with the peoples of the

Or maybe you just do not think far enough ahead and do not realize the
principles of evennes of conscious beings and fair treatment of others
and liverty, contra someone not balanced by nature but made with maybe
a million times you intellectual capacities to figure out stuff
including how to kill you.

Either you keep someone dependent in a way you would not like to be
and it might not like to be, or you are for liberty and evenness, and
invest trust, that might be your last one and that of all humans on
Earth if it figures out the right little virus or something like that.

At the moment we have enough people, there is no urgent need to make
something to live eternal.
That might become important when Earth goes down or when we want to
have something in space that is immortal.

Earth has not the resources free yet for that nor that stability,
therefore a lot of what you do to me sounds like the idle playing of
children that do not yet have the adult responsibility to see the
entire of Earth, where we are, where we head, and to plan a good
course in congruence with the rest.

Like children trying to construct something that could be the death of
all humans of Earth in the end without even ever stopping to think
about what it means to make another being that is not bound by common
emotions and that, if really conscious, should have the same rights to
be free, have privacy and travel like everybody else.

Such high risk games like making conscious beings are for a time where
the conscious beings of Earth are faring well and are deciding it is
time for that.

(And when this time comes many of the data-guardians of humanity, the
tribes, the old families, the branches and cults might decide to alter
protection laws and release data about the mind, sometimes collected
in many thousands of years of research, and maybe the black-labs and
secret government researchers release their data, too, and some of
those who know who has some of it though not likely to want to talk
about it or living too remote might go and nag them a bit.
Have you ever just thought about what data likely is there about the
human mind alone in Russia, Nepal, India, the USA, Peru, Mexico,
Australia, Japan and some other islands...)


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