"Abductions" DO NOT exist :scientists should fight this crap,like Carl Sagan did

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>>The fact that all of the abductee's stories don't agree like
>>we are normally told that they do is one good piece of
>>evidence that they aren't real.
>Bull.  As you know people who see the same thing don't always
>agree on every detail.  Contradiction occur even when people
>are seeing real events.

Even when they are seeing real events?  IOW, you are
agreeing that what they are seeing is not real?

Isn't it funny that we are told constantly that since the
abductees stories agree so closely that they must be telling
the truth about a real event, but when we post the evidence
that they don't all tell the same story, we are told that
contradictions occur even when people are seeing real

>>>>>The problem is that Sagan himself didn't have any reasonable theory
>>>>>about abductions.  It's difficult to educate the public when you're
>>>>>as in the dark as they are.
>>>>Actually he came up with one single interesting item that should be at
>>>>forefront of anyones investigations into these things;
>>>>Succubi and Incubi.
>>>That's not a theory.  I completely agree that similarities exist.  Not
>>>just with succubi and incubi, but with faeries, angels, demons, etc.
>>>Instead we have the obvious question.  What are succubi and incubi
>>>caused by?
>>Depends on whom you ask.
>Exactly.  Saying that abductions are the same as succubi is no explanation
>at all.

But the evidence for them is at least as good as for alien

As is the evidence for fairies and witches.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes,
our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot
alter the state of facts and evidence.

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