Signals in the brain

Dirk Wessels d at
Mon Apr 27 09:54:16 EST 1998

Richard Hall wrote:

> Out of that context, data means nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

Thank you for reminding me.

The reason that I am looking for data is that I have slightly different
about the organisation of neural networks.
This organisation seems to use some kind of waves and synchronisations
 in which emotions seem most important.

The underlying physics is the data that I am after.

Some of the many questions that I have:
1) Are these neuron connected to amplify wave properties and how.
2) is a chemical process going on that has wave properties.
3) What sychronises or influences the timing of these waves and other
4) Are any quantum-level processes involved to help in timing or
5) How can we simulate these neural networks more exactly, especially
the learning process.
6) Why are emotions and waves important at all.

While this stuff is very close related to much to be discussed about
I prefer to look at the actual details.


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