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Sun Apr 26 03:00:22 EST 1998

7elc at (Emma Chase VanCott) wrote:

>What makes us get a song "stuck" in our head?

I do not know.

Really not.

But if someone would said to me: "Merrily guess!"  :

Like other stuff it makes wave-field patterns in the brain, that are
stored and can be retriggered.
But since they are especially nicley frequency-wavy-fieldy, they make
very powerful ones, and if it are T.V.or radio waves  electro-magnetic
amplified  blasting through your brain, literally going through all
the sectors and you have the full focus on them, that makes hell of an
impact and sits.      ;-)


(And just a suspicion, but if you ever meet someone who can perceive
of the area(s) behind the lower part of you ear inside the head 
or/and that of areas of the parietal cortex 
and a region that is between the front part of the frontal cortex, the
cholinergic limbic system and the cigulate gyrus  and has to do with
data transfer
ask them what these areas do.)

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