Neural Oscillations

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Tue Apr 28 08:17:44 EST 1998

In article <354525CF.3A3E7B5E at>, ewolf at says...
>Hello, looking for information on neural oscillations.  I was wondering
>if a neuron is capable of oscillitory firing behaivor without recieving
>a driving stimulation.   The source of these oscilations intruiges me.
>Eric Wolf

Yes, rhythmic bursts of activity are very common in many neural systems.
Look for subjects like "central pattern generators" in most any
neurobiology text.  Or see:

     Cohen, AV, S. Rossignol, and S. Grillner, eds.  1988,
     Neural control of rhythmic movements in vertebrates. Wiley, NY

     Jacklet, JW. ed. 1989, Neuronal and cellular oscillators.
     Marcel Dekker, NY

     Delcomyn, F. 1980. Neural basis of rhythmic behavior in animals.
     Science 210:492-498.

     Marder, E. and R.L. Calabrese. 1996.  Principles of rhythmic motor
     pattern generation.  Physiol. Rev. 76:687-7-7.

These references (albeit a few are older) are from Chap 16 (Reflexes and
pattern generation) of Delcomyn's book, "Foundations of neurobiology", 
1998, WHFreeman, NY.

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