"Abductions" DO NOT exist :scientists should fight this crap,like Carl Sagan did

James jgreff at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 27 05:51:54 EST 1998

You people are pathetic.

This is my first lurk into alt.dreams and likely to be my last. I was hoping
to find intellectual/scientific types here and apparantly I did. Out of the
twenty some responses I counted in reply to this (the closest I could find
to the original) posting not a one of you you psuedo-intellectuals could
answer the the core question.

What is the Question? Think about it...

...then go back to your instructor and ask for guidance regarding theory.

Do you want Carl Sagans opinion? Have you missed it? Have you read any of
his books, really?

The one thing that Carl (and people like him) invariably preached was that
we (as humans) should not allow ourselves to be misguided by irrational
thinking and that the idea that science knows all is obvious incremental

In my opinion incremental thinking has as much place in our society as witch


> > >Everybody that I know of has lucid dreams once in while.
> > >The whole point of being an intelligent dreamer is to
> > >wake up and say, "that was a good dream"!!
> > >
> > >There are several newsgroups who requested that the
> > >"dreamers" do -not- post their "theories" to their
> > >newsgroups. The only reason you are still allowed
> > >in sci.physics is that it is good to know what
> > >models of the universe do not model anything.

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